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Treatment Types

June 24, 2019


Other times, people will treat their depression in what we refer to as a regular outpatient setting, where they will see their doctor or their mental health professional every week, every couple of weeks, depending on the severity of their symptoms as recommended by their doctor or a mental health professional. They'll continue going to work, they'll continue their regular routine, but will have check-in appointments at the specified frequency. Another level of treatment is what is referred to as a partial hospital program, commonly known as PHP or an intensive outpatient program, commonly known as IOP. These are very similar entities and therefore we'll group them together, which are basically day programs where a patient will be living at home, sleeping at home, but go a certain number of times a week for a good chunk (if not the entire day) to an intensive setting where they'll receive therapy, group therapy, medication management and other services. Again - meant to provide a more comprehensive package in the treatment of their depression.

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