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Normal Sadness vs. Depression


Depressed vs. Feeling Alive



Early Signs

Symptoms: Sleep, Interest, Guilt

Symptoms: Energy, Concentration, Appetite

Symptoms: Catatonia, Suicidality, Isolation, Aches

Causes: Serotonin, Genetics, Other Conditions

Causes: Medications, Addictions, Psychological Factors

Causes Differ

Genetic Testing

Therapy vs. Medication

Medication Timeline

Medication Side Effects

Medication Effectiveness

Antidepressants: SSRI

Antidepressants: SNRI

Automatic Negative Thoughts

Getting The Help You Need

Men and Therapy

Three Things You Should Ask Your Therapist

Therapy Cost

Therapist-Patient Fit

Emotional Jar Analogy

When To Seek Help

Setting Boundaries

Role of the Therapist

Therapy Conclusion

Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy

CBT Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Insurance Coverage


Ketamine Therapy

Experimental Treatments


Treatment Levels

Treatment Types

Treatment Specialists

When To Seek Treatment

Alternative Medicine

Behavioral Activation

Finding Hope in Everyday Life

Exercise Treatments

Natural Medicine

Non-Medical Treatments

Being Present

Coping Skills Explained

Visualization Exercise

Benefits of Journaling

Breathing Exercises

Feeling More Confident


Talking About Suicide

Recovering From Self-Harm

Self-Harm Advice

Avoiding Suicidal Thoughts


Teenage Depression

Teens and Sleep

Losing Interest in Activities

Physical Symptoms

Teen Existentialism

Feeling Sorrow and Despair

Feeling Lonely

Feeling Hopeless

Feeling Angry

Feeling Empty

Therapy Explained

Self-Care For Teens

Can You Snap Out Of It?

Social Media

Talking To Your Parents

Protection From Bullying

Communication For Teens

School Struggles

Self Care

Peer Pressure

Issues in College



College Roommates

College Career Pressure

Circadian Rhythm

Sleep and Your Bed

3 Sleep Tips

Sleep and Mental Illness

Suicide Warning Signs

Psychotherapy Benefits


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