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Jun 17, 2019


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most useful ways to manage anxiety and depression. Additionally, meditation has also been shown to improve symptoms of these mental disorders. Sanvello is a free app that focuses on these widely utilized practices while offering numerous other beneficial features.



Pacifica combines the effectiveness of meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy to assist in managing stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Sanvello’s platform allows you to track your feelings, offers self-help approaches, and encourages written reflection techniques. Its extensive features include relaxation techniques, mood/health tracking, guided self-help paths, goals/thoughts, a peer support community, and a progress indicator with a comprehensive goal of practicing mindfulness as a main objective.

“Sanvello is a free app that focuses on these widely utilized practices while offering numerous other beneficial features.”

Relaxation Techniques

If you don’t have much time in your day, you can use the convenient ‘Relax Now’ techniques to help reduce anxiety or stress while not taking up too much of your time. The makers also offer “Deep Breathing’ methods to relax you in sudden, stressful moments. From a physical standpoint, ‘Muscle Relaxation’ teaches how to allow your body to unwind after a stressful day. An external stimulus is provided through ‘Calming Sounds’ through ocean waves, thunderstorms, or a forest environment. To promote optimism, ‘Visualization’ teaches you to embrace your future. The ‘Guided Meditations’ encourage mindfulness in one of the most prevalent approaches of relaxing through a guided, calming journey.


Mood/Health Tracking

Since your input is essential to effectively managing anxiety and/or depression, Sanvello allows you to ‘Rate Your Mood’ throughout your day. You can enter your specific feelings, details, and context through ‘Mood Journaling’. Be sure to stay on track of your feelings, made easier with the ‘Daily Reminders’ feature. Your specific diet and lifestyle choices will differ from others, so Sanvello allows to ‘Track Your Health’ habits such as exercise, sleep, and caffeine. You can even set personalized ‘Health Goals’ based on your lifestyle. A convenient mood chart lets you ‘See Your Progress’ and improve your mood.


Guided Self-Health Paths

Engage in cognitive behavioral therapy to manage strong emotions by recording ‘Your Thoughts’ and discovering patterns through your ‘Thought Diary’. You can also learn to recognize fearful thoughts and ‘Find Cognitive Distortions’ while working towards ‘Your Goal’ of reducing anxiety or improving your overall health and mood. Every day you can accomplish small goals through ‘Daily Experiments’ and choose from the ‘Experimental Library’.


Peer Support Community

Cater to your specific needs through the ‘Search for Groups’ feature and connect with others similar to you through peer ‘Groups’. You can even ‘speak in real-time with others in ‘Group Chat’. Sanvello allows you to show ‘Gratitude’ by browsing communities and supporting others’ post that resonate with you. If you feel like contributing you can also draft your own ‘Community Post’.

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