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June 17, 2019


If you find it hard to explain the symptoms you feel when dealing with depression, learn to verbalize your feelings through the Moodnotes app. This convenient app takes journaling to the next level. Many believe journaling to be an effective practice for self-awareness. Moodnotes can help you recognize the emotions you’re feeling.



While many of us do or would enjoy journaling, sometimes it can be difficult see if progress is being made. Moodnotes tracks your progress so you can develop healthier thinking habits. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what’s right in front of us. For that, Moodnotes recognizes “traps” in your thinking and delivers a new perspective. The suggestions it offers to promote new ways of thinking also increase self-awareness and reduce distress.

Moodnotes tracks your progress so you can develop healthier thinking habits.

Track Your Mood

The difference between journaling on your own and through Moodnotes is the assistance the app provides in tracking your mood. This way you can easily develop healthier thinking habits by being shown and removing unhealthy ones. You can also go back and see entries from previous days to compare and contrast your progress.


Learn Thinking “Traps”

While it can be easy to fall into “traps” when dealing with depression, it may become difficult to recognize them and remove them. Moodnotes helps you employ new perspectives to situations where older ways of thinking is no longer working. This prevents you from being in a frustrating cycle of actions affected by depression.



Being in control of your emotions requires you to be aware of them. With Moodnotes, self-awareness can be achieved through the app’s suggestions for your thinking “traps”. The activities you can engage in help eliminate negative emotions and improve your overall wellbeing.

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