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June 17, 2019


Breathe2Relax is a mobile app that helps people discover breathing techniques to combat stress, depression, anxiety, and anger. This free app promotes mindfulness over your body’s fight-or-flight responses through innovative yet simple deep breathing exercises.



You can use the app alone or combine it with other methods that help you handle troubling emotions. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises have been shown to reduce your fight-or-flight responses and their benefits include mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety/depression management.

“This free app promotes mindfulness over your body’s fight-or-flight responses through innovative, yet simple, deep breathing exercises.”

Mood Stabilization

Have you ever reacted so quickly to a difficult situation by giving into your emotions rather than giving yourself time to process them? With Breathe2Relax, you can identify why you react to certain feelings so quickly. Once you become more aware, you can then use the deep breathing exercises to better control how you respond rather than reacting with little thought.


Anger Control

Anger can be one of the hardest emotions to control, but it is also one that causes us to do things we usually regret later. You can leave those feelings of regret in the past by learning to control your anger with Breathe2Relax instead of allowing your anger to control you. The method of mindfulness through the app will teach you how to recognize spurious reasoning, misguided by anger, and how big a difference moments of diaphragmatic breathing exercises can make in your responses.


Anxiety Management

While many emotions may only manifest in your mind, anxiety is one of the few that can produce negative physical symptoms as well. To help avoid dangerous physical issues like panic attacks when anxiety strikes, Breathe2Relax will teach you the importance of performing controlled, deep breathing exercises.

Mobile Apps

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