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Doctor state: MT

David Yelvington

Angela Wood

Lennard Wilson

John Willoughby

Anthony Williamson

Roger Williams

Jane Wells

Timothy Visscher

Troy Stiles

Michael Silverglat

Amy Schuett

Scott Riggins

Joseph Rich

Alan Reyes

Alan Quint

Richard Popwell

John Peters

Dale Peterson

Dennis Obrien

Mark Nicholson

Michael Newman

Michelle McCall

Robert Mc Dermott

Bret Lindsay

Julie Kelso

Thomas Hoffman

Jeffrey Green

Liviu Goia

Mary Gaddy

Patricia Fowlie

Keith Foster

Richard Felix

Jami Eschler

Edward Erbe

Evelyn Driscoll

Deborah Dover

Dennis Dietrich

James Day

Timothy Casey

Janel Carino

Patricia Calkin

Duncan Burford

Jonathan Birnkrant

Larry Amstutz

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