This Too Will Pass: Anxiety in a Professional World

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This Too Will Pass: Anxiety in a Professional World


This Too Will Pass is a book by author Richard Martin detailing his personal journey as depression hit him in the middle of his legal career and how he dealt with it. Many times people with successful careers will encounter depression and feel as though it’s their own problem for not feeling happy specifically because they are successful. Furthermore, the upbeat attitudes in career-oriented environments can make someone who is suffering from depression feel particularly alienated. However, nobody is immune to mental illness. Anxiety runs high in career competition. With so many responsibilities for working professionals to manage between the office and home, even successful people can be caught off-guard by depression rearing its ugly head. For this reason, this book may be particularly relatable and comforting to career-oriented people.

Richard Martin’s new book can answer many questions: What should you do when you have a mental breakdown? What will anxiety do to your marriage? To your job? To your kids? Can you ever recover from it? Or do you need to get a fresh start?

Richard’s life was seemingly perfect – personally and professionally. He had the perfect wife. He had the perfect kids. However, his job was incredibly stressful and took time away from his family.

One night, Richard stopped at an ATM machine on the way home from work but he forgot how to use it. He fell to the ground, and let all the stress hit him at once, unable to fight the tears.

Richard’s inspirational story is about dealing with the world when it all comes crashing down on you. He speaks about how he dealt with his breakdown and his mental illness.

Amazon Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars