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The Sims FreePlay

Jun 17, 2019


While many children and adults alike have enjoyed the creative gameplay of The Sims series for years, the new Sims FreePlay has exhibited traits of mitigating symptoms of depression and anxiety. Creating characters and orchestrating their lives in a virtual world provides players with the inspired abilities to conduct tasks similar to those in real life inspire motivation and productivity. These simulations have shown to transfer to real world applications.



For those unfamiliar with The Sims FreePlay, you can become the master of your own “simulated” world. Those who deal with depression sometimes find nights of are the most difficult. Racing thoughts, restlessness, and anxiety consume your thoughts. Instead of reaching for smartphone to mitigate worry, engaging in a game of The Sims FreePlay may be useful in inspiring confidence and creativity. While CBT therapy teaches researched methods to promote mindfulness, sometimes you need to get outside of your head. Playing The Sims FreePlay can relax and let your mind drift away from your worries for a while.

“Playing The Sims FreePlay can relax and let your mind drift away from your worries for a while.”


Many times depression is paired with anxiety — feelings of impending doom, worry, or racing thoughts. Scrolling through social media may provide a form of escape for many, but offers little improvements in creative skills. Rather than scrolling through your smartphone, playing a game of The Sims FreePlay can help sharpen creative skills of managing tasks similar to those in everyday life that may produce real world applications.



Sometimes the things we seek out of life can be fearful if you deal with depression and/or anxiety. Taking baby steps through tasks like falling in love, starting a family, or designing a home can seem more manageable if practiced through simulated gameplay. The Sims FreePlay has been shown to help people cope with life’s stresses and relax, which, in turn, may turn into using creative skills from the game in the real world.

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