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Jun 17, 2019


The MoodKit app is a guide that can help you understand the benefits of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and how it can help your mood. Moodkit offers over 200 activities on its ‘Activities Page’, as well as other features including a ‘Thought Checker’, ‘Mood Tracker’, and ‘Journal.’



Figuring out how to better manage your moods can be difficult. After all, it’s when you’re in the worst ones that you can’t seem to think as soundly as when you’re calm. This is the reason why experts advocate cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for managing anxiety, stress and other negative emotions. Now, you can find a streamlined method of exposing you to CBT through the Moodkit app.

“Moodkit’s ‘Journal’ feature allows you to record, export, and collaborate moods from your day with the other useful tools of the app. You can use the templates provided or create your own.”

Activities Page

With Moodkit’s ‘Activities Page’, you will have a choice of many activities than you could imagine to manage your mood. The variety of over 200 different activities aims to offer a method for all different types of people, interests, and moods.


Thought Checker

The ‘Thought Checker’ feature allows you to identify negative thoughts when they occur. As a result of your self realizations, you’ll learn how to modify these thoughts by recognizing the patterns that cause them.


Mood Tracker

The importance of recognizing patterns doesn’t end at the ‘Thought Checker’ feature. The ‘Mood Tracker’ also utilizes this important skill in CBT to log, save and chart your moods. You can even reflect on them in a 7 day or 30 day chart, compiled by the app. These charts may be saved and used in professional treatment or to indicate averages and mood ratings you tend to exhibit.



If you’ve ever kept a journal then you may already know the relief writing down your thoughts can provide. Moodkit’s ‘Journal’ feature allows you to record, export, and collaborate moods from your day with the other useful tools of the app. You can use the templates provided or create your own.

Mobile Apps

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