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Jun 17, 2019


Instead of letting your emotions control you, wouldn’t you rather learn to control your emotions? Happify is an app that gives you the essential tools and techniques to control all your emotions. Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, confused, or manic, Happify has ways to increase your understanding and improve your control.



The difference between Happify and many other apps is the quantitative approach it employs. Happify measures your wellbeing. The simple exercises it provides promote positive change in the lives of most users within 2 months. The activities you participate in to measure your emotional output can be completed on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop anytime you want, and anywhere you want.

Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, confused, or manic, Happify has ways to increase your understanding and improve your control.”


The simple mental exercises need no previous training on your part – only consistency. As long as you remain dedicated for a short time you can expect to see an increase in happiness, implemented by Happify. The best part is since the turnaround time is so short you will feel motivated to continue the exercises due to the positivity they bring.


Your Time, Your Schedule

If you have numerous other obligations in life, then Happify was designed for you. Since no one time or date always works for everyone, the app allows you to complete its exercises on various platforms, whenever you see fit. This just removes another excuse from impeding your quick progress.



Instead of offering approaches that lack rigidity, Happify uses specifically applied mathematics to measure your progress so you can be almost instantly motivated by your results. The numbers the app produces let you know how you’re doing so you don’t aimlessly without a goal of improvement or maintenance.

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