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Jun 17, 2019


The Calm app utilizes scenery and meditation to help induce feelings of calmness and relaxation. The ‘Meditation’ feature introduces novice users to meditation and may also help experienced meditators improve their approach. The makers of Calm stress the importance of a healthy sleep schedule in promoting inner peace and physical movements in improving mental health. They also note the role music can play in easing our minds and improving our focus and sleep.



When attempting to reach a calm state of mind, too many components may produce the opposite of your intentions. This is not an issue with the Calm app, as its four focus categories easily separate what the makers believe are the most essential elements to achieving mindful relaxation. Mindfulness is widely used in meditation and thus serves as the first feature in Calm. It’s difficult to relax when you don’t practice healthy sleep habits. If you are unsure if your sleep is healthy, Calm explains the differences and how to achieve optimal nighttime recuperation.

“The Calm app utilizes scenery and meditation to help induce feelings of calmness and relaxation.”


If you think meditation is simply sitting with your legs crossed in silence, you should take advantage of Calm’s extensive information on this useful tool and the best ways to get the most out of it. The in-app instructions expertly convey how mindfulness and a focus on breathing are two primary goals of meditation. Calm teaches the necessity to remove stressful thoughts and focus on the simplicity of breathing where you are to turn down the volume of your busy life.



While we all sleep, there are distinct differences between healthy and unhealthy sleep patterns. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these differences. This is where the educational information from Calm teaches patterns and behaviors for a restful night so you can be ready to tackle the day ahead.



Calm expands on the connection between mind and body by offering video lessons for mindful movement. It even provides gentle stretching techniques to prepare your body when you hope to relax your mind.



The sounds of your surroundings can make a significant impact on how easily you are able to relax. Calm recognizes this truth and assists in your conquest of calmness by offering exclusive music, carefully selected to help you focus, relax, and sleep.

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The Calm app utilizes scenery and meditation to help induce feelings of calmness and relaxation. The ‘Meditation’ feature introduces novice users to meditation a...